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Taiwan Forcetrans Enterprises Co., Ltd. was bult in 1964. The founder Mr. Yu QiuHe established the basis of market deeply with the zealous heart of undertaking and the customers' trust for long in the field of industrial and automotive transmission belts. Later on in 1996, we also established Power Fair Industrial Co., Ltd. to enhance our marketing capability by means of using private logo. Among the esteemed suppliers, we have had good business relationships with ConTitech, Dong-Gil, Hutchinson, Gates, Bando, Roulunds, etc. Both Forcetrans and Power Fair gained leadership reputation in the market with steady annual sales growth. Forcetrans and Power Fair offer products with more celerity and high quality and designs. Forcetrans does more reliable products for all kinds of customers in Asia. Forcetrans and Power Fair do the large contribution for the estate growth in Taiwan.

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