V-Belt, Poly V-Belt, Banded V-Belt, Variable Speed V-Belt products

Power Fair Innovates Transmission Industry
Golden Power The Pioneer of Wrapped V Belts
Ruflex A New Trend in Wide Angle Belts
Super Power A Transmission Revolution

Golden Power made of new materials special fabrics, special adhesives, special tension member and applied with new design new CR recipe is created by Power Fair to meet international environment-protection requirements.

Golden Power is featured with
Clean & quiet
Better abrasion resistance
Antistatic, oil & heat resistant
Powder free, dust free
Improve elongation to enhance longer service life
upgrade belt transmission efficiency

Golden Power follows ISO 5287:2003 standard to supply full range products covering M/A/B/C/D/E section, 3V/5V/8V section and SPZ/SPA/SPB/SPC section.

Electronic Industry
Food processing Industry
Printing Industry
Textile Industry
Electrical tools Industry
Agricultural Machinery Industry

Ruflex is our 2005 brand-new developed product to substitute for traditional wide angle belts. Both single and banded 7M/11M are available. Special E-P compound EPDM in association with special fibers is used on Ruflex to expedite following profiles.

oxidization proof, heat resistant
enhance transmission efficiency, abrasion resistance as well as product longevity
more stable, defectives (harden, cracked in high temperature or belt inside-out) minimized
Zigzag reinforced to match smaller pulley diameter

Cooling Tower Systems
Machine Tools

Super Power is flexible in varieties of angle, width and thickness so as to serve the customers with more selections. Super Power belts have the tooth profiles 5M, S5M, 8M and S8M.

To become cogged V belts as the angle is shaped at 40o
To become timing belts as the angle is shaped at 90o
To become variable speed belts as the angle is shaped at others

Super Power belts are revolutionary belts somehow, capable to be widely applied.

"Power Fair has experienced transmission industry for 40 years since 1964. Taiwan transmission industry has stepped into a new era to face global market competition. For this, a non-stop dedication to head for bringing down the buying cost and shortening th e lead time of delivery for the customers is thus required without any hesitation. As a premise to upgrade Taiwan industry a great deal, were endeavoring ourselves as a part of it to contribute the market a continuous development of new & competitive products." says Shane Yu, the president of Power Fair Group.

Golden Power V-belts

Incorporating 100% CR material, Hard core and special additional wrapped cloth, Golden Power V-Belts with special white wrapped fabric make cleanner transmission while ensure high performances with resistant to high temperature thus a longer service life is guaranteed.

  Timing Belts 
  Incorporating completely new fabric--Both-Ways-Stretch & Rib Knitting Fabric, PowerFair's new timing belts enable perfect both lengthways and transverse stretch so as to increase the teeth flexibility thus to ensure high performance with smooth and quiet running and longer service life.

  Poly-V BeltsŚhąřŹŰąľvŤŹĄąa    
  PowerFair Poly-V Belts are the consistent improvement of the drive elements. With its newly developed 3% perfect elasticity, PowerFair Poly-V Belts are optimally matched to the pulley, thus have excellent power ratings and optimum geometry precision, particularly in the transmission of high power outputs and torques. It enables economic solutions even under difficult drive conditions, such as large transmission ratios, high belt speeds, small pulley diameters and back idler pulleys. Drives with fixed centre distances can be achieved without any separate tensioning device. What's more, it's world competitive price and favorable lead time ensure a wide market share.

  Thanks to the smart design, SuperPower open up completely new concept of the use of molds:
When the angle is cut to 40o, it's Cogged Wedge V belt;
When the angle is cut to 60o, it's RuFlex;
When the no angle, it's strong timing belt to instead of HTD/STS 5M & 8M;
And when the angle is cut to the customer's specific requirement, it's Variable Speed Belt.
As one mold can be used for more than 4 types of belts, it greatly cut down the cost while retaining the well-proven benefits of PowerFair's normal system.

The use of rubber material instead of Polyurethane, PowerFair RuFlex paves the way for economic drive solutions, It's a perfect replacement of Gates' POLYFLEX, Bando's Banflex and Mitsuboshi's Flexmax without the replacement of Pulley.
Our newly innovative RUFLEX belts using EPDM material, rubber made is featured with low pollution, better durability, heat resistance, longevity, belt turnover than traditional CR made belts.