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Multi-Rib Belt

* Truncated ribs ensure flexibility, reduce heat buildup and improve rib crack resistance.
* High modulus, low stretch polyester tensile member provides superior resistance to fatigue and shock loads.
* Static conductive undercord (ISO 1813) ensures safe operation.
* All polychloroprene compound resists oil and heat.
* Woven, wear resistant fabric rib surface provides a clutching surface (PL & PM sections).

Thanks to its truncated ribdesign, multi-rib belt ensures outstanding performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys. This long-lasting belt provides a power capacity gain of up to 80% higher than RMA standards while still guaranteeing extremely smooth running. Available in PJ, PL and PM sections.

* Strong tie band keeps the belts together and controls belt-to-belt distance.
* Flex-bonded tensile cords.
* Polychloroprene compound, static conductive (ISO 1813) and non self-igniting.
* Concave sides, arched top and Flex-WeaveR cover for wrapped PowerBands (SPB, SPO, 8V/25J, 9J and 15J).
* Moulded notches for raw edge PowerBands (3VX and 5VX).

This combination of several joined V-belts offers a solution for drives where single belts vibrate, turn over or jump off the pulleys. Smooth running and important design economies become achievable on problem drives. Available in SPB, SPO, 8V125J, 9J, 1 5J, 3VX and 5VX sections.

PolyflexR® JB™
Polyurethane Multiple V-Belt
* Joined belt construction enhances belt stability.
* Small cross-section suited for small drives.
* 60"X angIe supports tensile section and provides even load distribution.
* Ribs ensure lateral rigidity and relieve bending stress.
* Adhesion of tensile cords and compound ensures superior resistance to fatigue.
* Polyurethane compound resists heat, wear, ozone and most environmental conditions.
* High friction coefficient ensures high transmission efficiency.

PolyflexR® JB™.is synonymous with stable high power density in small spaces. This long-lasting belt provides greater load carrying capacity at higher speeds for small precision multiple V-belt drives results in cost savings and improves design freedom. Available in 5M-JB, 7M-JB and 11 M-JB sections and in effective lengths from 280 mm to 2,293 mm. The PolyflexR single belt construction is also available.