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Open-End Synchronous Belt
  Open-End Synchronous Belt

* Fibreglass or steel cord, polychioroprene teeth and backing, and nylon facing for polychioroprene construction.
* Steel cord, polyurethane teeth and backing for polyurethane construction.

Especially suitable for linear movement, accurate positioning and reversal drives. A high load capacity and cost efficiency make this belt a perfect alternative to the chain for reversing, positioning drives.
Available in polychloroprene construction in XL, L, H; HTDR 5M, 8M, 14M.

Double Sided Synchronous BeltůąłWĄąa
  Double Sided Synchronous Belt Characteristics
* Precision-formed polychloroprene teeth and body.
* Strong fibreglass tensile member resists elongation and offers excellent flex life.
* Nylon fabric on both tooth sides resists wear.

Thanks to its double and directly opposite teeth, the maintenance-free Twin PowerR belt ensures high loading capacity on contra-rotating drives as well as smooth running and high flexibility.
Available in XL, Land H and HTDR 5M, 8M and 14M pitches.

Synchronous Belt for High Torque Drives
  timing belt Characteristics
* Curvilinear tooth profile guarantees high power transmission and correct meshing with the pulley grooves.
* Fibreglass cords resist elongation and offer long flex life.
* Durable polychloroprene backing protects the cords against environmental pollution and frictional wear.
* Tough nylon facing protects the tooth surface.

High capacity belt for a wide range of applications from domestic equipment to heavy engineering. A clean and effective solution that ideally replaces other drive systems. This long-lasting and maintenance-free belt covers a range of 5 pitches 3M, SM, 8M, 14M and 20M.

Classical Synchronous Belt
  T-TYPE TIMING BELT Characteristics
ˇˇTrapezoidal tooth profile.
ˇˇPolychloroprene teeth allow correct meshing with the pulley grooves.
ˇˇFibreglass tensile cords resist elongation.
ˇˇNylon fabric cover protects the tooth surface.

The classical synchronous belt offers a maintenance-free and economical alternative to conventional drives like chains and gears. Its application range extends from minimum drives (typewriters) to heavy-duty machinery (oil pumps, ...) etc. The belt is suitable for a wide range of load capacities and speed ratios. Available in XL, L, H, XH and XXH pitches.

High Precision Synchronous Belt
  High Precision Synchronous Belt Characteristics
* Trapezoidal tooth profile.
* Polychloroprene backing and teeth combine durability and light weight.
* Nylon facing protects and reinforces the tooth surface.
* Fibreglass cords ensure length stability and flexibility.

The Mini-Pitch belt is recommended for applications requiring maximum synchronisation, small package and high speed. Space-saving and highly stable, this belt is the ideal solution to precision drives such as office machines.
Available in MXL 0.08" (2.03 mm) pitch.